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Your reliable international trade operator in Argentina.
If you have the need to incorporate imported equipment, machinery or supplies into your production process, TTA can manage it for you.
If it has detected the opportunity to incorporate new products to your market offer and they are to be purchased abroad, TTA can make them available for commercialization in the local market.
If you are a manufacturer or producer and you have orders from abroad, or if you have the objective of reaching an external market with your products, TTA can manage it for you. 
If you are a foreign firm and your objective is to enter the consumer market in Argentina, TTA can enter the necessary goods into the local market and make them available for direct or indirect marketing.
If you are a foreign firm and you have detected the opportunity to stock up on products made or produced in Argentina, TTA can be your local purchasing agency and exporter to your destination country.
All our processes and services are based on Transparency, Legality and Efficiency. We have a work team with vast experience in International Trade, Distribution and Market Penetration, serving the most diverse and varied international trade flows.

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  • info@ttacomerciointernacional.com
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    +54 9 3513 87-0600
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    La Rioja 2258, Alberdi – Córdoba (CP 5003)


  • International multimodal logistics (area: general cargo and courier- Terrestrial and maritime)
  • Search for suppliers abroad. Product analysis and sample submission
  • Costing and feasibility study
  • Certifications
  • Cargo tracking
  • Nationalization
  • Local logistics
  • We provide an all inclusive service



  • Advice (Determination of costs)
  • Simple export
  • International multimodal logistics (area: general cargo and courier- Terrestrial and maritime)
  • Certifications
  • Packaging

Our service

How we work?

Stage 1

  • Target product identification
  • Tariff classification
  • Determination of taxes and compensatory measures
  • Determination of requirements and certifications to Export / import

Stage 2

  • Provider search
  • Proforma request
  • Packing analysis
  • Determination and quotation of logistics
  • Import Cost Analysis
  • Tax matrix application
  • Insurance
  • Bulking agent
  • Ports
  • Certifications
  • Customs Broker

Stage 3

  • Shipment of samples
  • Obtaining certifications
  • Import authorization request
  • Transfer abroad

Stage 4

  • Coordination of pick up and consolidation abroad
  • Coordination and monitoring of shipments
  • Collection and documentary control for import
  • Import Declaration
  • Liberation to Plaza
  • Delivery to customer

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